Our mission:

The following principles guide our studio work. We believe that nature, animals, and people are closely connected. And we feel obliged to take this full cycle into consideration whenever we take a new step - for the equality of beings.


No.1: Be actively against all forms of modern slavery.

The problem is things aren’t being shared evenly in the fashion, wool, knitwear and product supply chains, and sometimes this becomes abusive.

This chain starts with millions of farmers who care for their lambs & sheep and ends with the billions of consumers who enjoy fluffy yarn and great fashion. It's the section of this in the middle is dominated by a handful of global giants that profit from keeping the price of wool as low as possible.

As a result, farmers are forced to live in poverty. And that leads to illegal child labour and modern slavery.

We will not perpetuate this.


No. 2: Respect for all life.

We will never do or encourage any physical or emotional harm towards animals or people.

We will create new processes that allow us to have a transparent supply chain and know the origin and conditions of the animals directly involved in our collections.

We commit to supporting the farmers directly responsible for the wools we use, even if possible getting to know the names of the sheep they care for. We will never design, make or retail any products using animal furs or leathers.

Our shared interconnectedness to all animals is very close to our hearts. Therefore, we vow to rekindle our relationship with all living creatures on this planet by respecting natural, not industrial, processes and making sure all animal-based products we work with heighten an understanding of animals’ role in a biodiverse, thriving society.


No.3: Embrace fashion.
(and luxury)

We need to be a part of the conversation by being good at our work.

This means we celebrate the modernist arts & crafts movement. We design to the best of our ability and we offer an unparalleled quality of product: handmade as much as possible.

We take this approach to all aspects of our work such as working practices and customer services.


No.4: Celebrate the history of the craft and look towards the future.

We love the history, the heritage and the wonderful story of the millions of ways people have engaged with yarn work in the past. We look to celebrate that while also looking towards the future of the crafts and fashions.


No. 5: Share.

Sharing not only our work, but sharing our passion, our designs, our frustrations, share our mistakes and successes and of course our views on stopping modern slavery, and fostering sustainable and ethical practices in our work.

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