Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we get asked here at Pied Wagtail but feel free to contact us if you need further information.

Can you make a garment to a custom size or colour?

Unfortunately we don't do alterations to our existing design sizes or colour ways as it takes us a long time to design the style, specific wools and patterns for each item. We can however support and work with you on sizing before you place your order.

Can I machine wash my garment?

We don't recommend washing your garments in the washing machine as they will likely shrink. See our care advice for more help on washing your garments. 

Why am I having to wait for an item to be made?

As we're a small studio we don't always have every colour way in every design in stock. We'll let you know a delivery estimate for any item which we're making to order, as we make our own products we will can sometimes share with you photos of your purchase being made.

What yarn do you use in your garments?

Most of our knitwear is made using 100% British Lambswool, we use a lightweight yarn with a luxurious finish. Sometimes we may use recycled yarns from recycled acrylics or other natural fibres, or combine these as we experiment in sustainable and ethical practices. Our cashmere yarn is made in very, very small quantities as we work with one single farmer on this to ensure no animal cruelty. Each item will state what yarn is used on the product information page.

Can I come to see you make an item?

We love having visitors in our studio, if you're going to be in the area drop us an email well advance to ask. We don't currently have our own physical store but we are considering it.

Do you make commissions?

We've made lots of commissions in the past and worked on exciting projects and collaborations from costume for films to art installations and historical re-creations of wool work. Feel free to contact us if you have an exciting project to discuss. 

Are your garments hand knitted?

All our garments are both hand and vintage machine knitted and hand finished by us in Wales. It would take us far too long and cost you way too much if they were all hand knitted. Our knitting machines are not motorised or computerised and require us to manually operate, they are all also recycled and rebuilt to ensure a long life span of the materials which went into making them. Our oldest machine we use is now over 120 years old and proudly 'human-powered'.

Why are most of your products 'unisex'?

Put simply, we design to a modern style and excitingly this means there are less social expectations on 'binary' fashions. We make some alterations for physical differences, but we have the view of 'wear what ever makes you happy, comfortable and beautiful, and embrace being you.'

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