Unravelling History for theatrical knitting

Theatre & film offer us a world of timeless elegance in knitwear our collection and made-to-order work of hand and machine-made knitted clothing and accessories. Inspired by historical examples from the Middle Ages to modern times, our pieces are perfect for film, TV, theatre productions, or enthusiasts seeking authenticity and charm.

We believe very stitch tells a wonderful story. From sourcing the right yarn to researching mastering ancient patterns, knitting authentic garments is a journey through time and tradition. We are known for our nautical knitwear recreations but we've also done so much more. Here's how we embark on this wool-filled endeavour:

Yarn Sourcing

We begin by researching historical yarn specifications. Looking for natural fibres such as wool, flax-fibre, cashmire, and cotton, as they were commonly used in the past. We consider the texture, weight, and colour of the yarn to match the era and purpose of the garment. Some projects may require hand-spun yarn for the utmost authenticity, and we do this too.

Sheep Types

We work direct with farms across the UK to know how different sheep breeds create different yarn types to find the perfect wool for your project. Different breeds produce wool with varying characteristics, such as softness, warmth, and durability. Consult historical records to determine which sheep breeds were prevalent during the time period you're recreating, and choose accordingly.

Knitting & crochet Patterns

We love researching historical knitting patterns that align with your project. We explore archives, museums, and historical texts for authentic designs. Pay attention to stitch patterns, construction techniques, and garment shapes characteristic of the era. Sometimes we may need to adapt patterns as needed to fit modern sizing or to accommodate specific theatrical requirements, lighting, wear and tear.


In some cases, historical records may be incomplete or patterns may need to be reimagined for contemporary knitting. We use our knowledge of historical knitting techniques and garment construction to fill in the gaps. We love to experiment with swatches, gauge, and trial-and-error to recreate the essence of the original piece while ensuring practicality and wearability.

Attention to Details

As we knit, we pay close attention to detail. Embrace historical knitting techniques such as hand-dyeing yarn, using period-appropriate needles, and incorporating authentic finishing touches like handmade buttons or closures. Every aspect of our garments contributes to its authenticity and character.

By following these steps and immersing yourself in the rich history of knitting, you can create authentic and captivating knitwear for historical reenactments, theatrical productions, or personal enjoyment. Let your needles weave a tale of craftsmanship and tradition, bringing the past to life stitch by stitch.

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