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Cable Knit Shirt - Sea green


We love our cable knitted t-shirts so much we thought we would tell you about them in rhyme.

“Inspired by the tranquil depths of sea green hues,
Crafted from yarn, recycled cottons for you.
Steeped in nautical lore of knitted ganseys,
Centuries of traditional cable, so fancy,
All In a lightweight t-shirt, ahoy there mate.

Each is a craft work from the heart.
Each stitch hand knitted to order,
Each sustainable yarn is found.”

We got carried away there didn’t we? Our knitted T-shirts are all made to order, using traditional techniques and we use a hand-dyed recycled cotton, which has been re-fibered and then hand spun in the UK into vibrate and comfortable yarns. -A true expression of fashion, history, craft and sustainability.

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